It's hard to imagine that, while its over 100 degrees in many states this week, September is fast approaching and soon the Travel and Tourism trade shows will begin in Paris and we will start thinking about the cool weather in the evenings and what clothes to take to France.  Paris never disappoints, but we have so many loose ends to tie-up and so many projects in the air that the stress levels will be high until the wheels leave the tarmac and we are on our way to Paris.
We are busily planning tours for next season and working on private tours for vacations, anniversaries and
birthdays. The devil is certainly in the details, so it requires alot of research and preparation to provide a successful, traveler-friendly tour with plenty of great memories and no unwelcome surprises.  We love what we do and we work hard to build tours on which we would proudly send our families and friends. Frankly, its very difficult to resist travelling all the time.   I have a feeling that most travel agents have a greater than average case of wanderlust. We love to travel and we hope it shows in the way we design our tours.  So now we continue to plow through the in-box and the pile of work that has to be finished before September, but it will be worth it.  Even though we will be in Paris to work, I can't think of a more  beautiful or tasty place to work.  We will enjoy the excellent french food and wine while we work on our future tours. C'est la vie!   Look for updates while we race towards September and, after we leave, we will drop-in on the blog to show you our views from Paris. 


08/17/2012 1:04pm

Bravo, Michael. great writing and great photos. we lived in Paris for two years and I still learned something new reading your blog...the garden that Napolean designed.

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